Apple? Google? Microsoft? What platform should I choose? Will they work together? How do I adopt 1:1 and BYOD in the classroom?

EXO U provides a unified and consistent experience across different operating systems and devices. Students have the opportunity to use the devices and technology they’re most comfortable with, so the barriers to learning fall away.

Does my classroom or school need to have reliable Internet connectivity?  Will I need to upgrade Internet bandwidth?

EXO U levels the playing field for every learner with access to a device. Our solution works with or without Internet and does not require upgrades to existing connectivity.

How can I prevent technology from causing student distraction during instruction time?

EXO U’s dashboard environment is purpose-built for at-a-glance visibility into every student’s activity and engagement.

How do I organize content, keep it relevant, and make it easily accessible?

EXO U enables educators to deliver a range of instructional content to any student device, and provides tools for one-touch content management, personalization and organization in a private library.

EXO U Benefits


  • Manage learning experiences on one dashboard
  • Transform digital learning into achievement
  • Teach more efficiently
  • Engage students with personalized instruction
  • Use existing content, tools and apps
  • Gain visibility into student device activity


  • Save money and time
  • Future-proof technology investments
  • Gain visibility on how technology is being used
  • Provide a safe and secure environment
  • Minimize technology training


  • Learn anywhere, any time, on any device
  • Access important materials on demand
  • Organize what's important to you
  • Learn more effectively
  • Collaborate and communicate with peers
  • Success Story

    "Schools and education institutions worldwide are embracing digital learning. With a commitment to keep our students competitive and on the forefront of educational learning, we knew a solution was needed to deliver the best learning experience."
    - High School Teacher

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