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Support is available Monday through Friday 7:00AM – 7:00PM Eastern Daylight Time. A member of our team will respond within two business days.

Support: 514-592-1126

Technical Support:

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Supported Operating Systems

You spend a lot of time and effort building and delivering innovative applications to your end users. So you want to know your platform investment will not only work today but into the future as well.

EXO U integrates directly with the device platform and operating system, letting you focus solely on your applications while we handle the rest. Currently we support the following device platforms and operating systems (OSes):

  • Apple® iOS®
    (version 6.1 and up)

  • Apple® Mac® OS X®
    (version 10.4 and up)

  • Google Android™
    (version 2.3 and up)

  • Linux
    (including Ubuntu)
    (version 10 and up)

  • Microsoft® Windows®
    (7 and up)
    Internet Explorer® 10

As new operating system versions come available, we'll test and validate them. If updates to the EXO U solution are needed to support these new OS versions, we'll provide them as soon as possible through maintenance updates and minor releases of the EXO U Workspace, or sometimes together with major releases. The stated support goal is quarterly updates or sooner.