EXO U Announces a Partnership on the 21st Century Digital Classroom

EXO U Inc. (TSX-V:EXO) announces that it has signed a partnership agreement for the education sector in Quebec with CGI.

Students Students

End users demanding you support another device?

Using EXO U, build, distribute and manage multi-platform applications through a single codebase.

Support Support

Unreliable or no Internet connectivity?

Don't worry. With EXO U, it's business as usual with apps that work online and off.

Connectivity Connectivity

Want to give students the ability to use personal devices?

Worried about potential distractions? Engage your students and experience the best of both worlds: students using personal devices in a controlled environment. Learn how EXO U puts you back in control of your classroom.

Students Students

Unified Workspace Across All Devices.

Collaborative Workspaces

Deliver an environment that removes barriers to sharing and protects those ideas while giving end users the freedom to work everywhere.

Multi-OS App Store.

Cross-Platform Private App Store

Simplify the distribution and management of applications and content for your end users with an App Store that looks and acts the same across computing environments.

Manage Apps and Content Easily.

Application and Content Management

Eliminate the hassle of rolling out updates and wasting resources with a console that shows actual usage.

Build Once Across Multiple Form Factors and OS’s.

EXO U Engine

Create, test, and then with one click distribute amazing applications to all your end users.