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$229.001 Teacher + 30 Students

Ormi is an interactive platform that enables teachers to control what students access in the classroom and control when they are not on task. It also provides lesson organization and cloud storage for school wide/network wide collaboration.


License Includes:

Student Screen Controls, Classroom Management, Lessons, Ormiboard, Notes, Messaging, Attendance, Activities, Quizzing, Polling, Browser, 3rd Party Content Integration Library, Cloud File Management, Share Tool and Activity Panel

Admin Console Access For Classes/Student Roster Setup And 3rd Party Integration Tools

1 Year Unlimited Upgrades & Support

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Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.24.21 PMANY CONTENT, ANY DEVICE, ANY OS With just two taps, grab anything from your workspace. With a second tap, select who gets what on what screens. With a third, you’re teaching, all in just a few seconds while maintaining control of your class. Share with individuals, groups, whole classes and even participants in remote locations. Students can share among one another, or back to teacher, or cast to the classroom display (with permission).
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MULTI-TASKING WEB + CONTENT + TOOLS Ormi includes a powerful browser that makes it easy to use online content for instruction. From there, teachers can add polls, quizzing, and other group activities. Ormi’s application manager keeps everything running in the background while you jump from task to task. Keep students on task using the lock feature while sharing the browser, allowing students to view the web page, but not navigate away.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.24.14 PMNO MORE HUNTING FOR RESOURCES Beyond ease of use, we built Ormi for speed. Returning to an old lesson? Pick up instruction right where you left off using Ormi’s Activity Panel on the Home screen. Similar to social feeds students are familiar with, it places all recent shares, messages, documents and activities at students’ or teachers’ fingertips. Whether using Ormi on, or off-line, navigate content from all kinds of environments quickly and easily.


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Ormi provides everything administrators need to implement district-wide. Teachers and administrators are given a powerful back-end console where they can add users and classrooms, configure servers, build a private app library with their own content, request API bridges to LMS, SIS and other systems, and even choose which apps go to which classes.

Additional Features

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