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With ORMIBOARD, the world is your whiteboard.

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Ormiboard is a web-based whiteboard for schools that lets teachers create content and collaborate with students – on any device with any OS – making teaching and learning seamless, hassle-free and more inclusive. Instantly transform your classroom, home or anywhere you roam into one giant canvas to engage students like never before!

Ormiboard comes in two editions:

Pro is designed for schools and districts, delivered as a downloadable or pre-installed software with a perpetual license. It enables device integration and collaborative sharing over existing networks via local WIFI (no internet required).

Pro is optimized for speed and split-view capabilities for multi-touch panels and tables, and gives administrators dashboard control over buidling, classroom, teacher, user and content grouping. $599/perpetual license.

Go is designed for teachers who want fast access on any device via web browser. It allows up to 30 students to open a browser, enter a PIN, and start collaborating online. 

Because Go allows Google Share-To-Class and Drive integration, Dropbox, Evernote, and other APIs in the works, Go can be used by a single teacher or in groups spanning district wide. Go is offered at a subscription rate of $89 per year.

Choose Based On Classroom Setup:

Authoring Tools
Authoring pallet with save, play, edit (shapes, text, draw, clipart, pictures) Yes Yes
Page/document pallet (backgrounds, navigation, duplicating and inserting, etc) Yes Yes
Import IWB/Common File Format, PDF, and PowerPoint Yes Yes
Advanced Activity Building
Create advanced activities & mini-apps using simple JavaScript Yes Yes
Learn To Code: quick, fun lessons which introduces students to Java (October 16) Yes Yes
Classroom Management, Sharing & Collaboration
Easy Pin registration connects any device in the classroom Yes Yes
Sharing modes: interactive, play-based, and ping-pong (rapid exchange) Yes Yes
View all sessions tiled on a single screen Yes Yes
Direct any student’s activity to any or all devices including classroom display Yes Yes
Control Display from anywhere in the classroom Yes Yes
Assessment & Activities
Polling - create on the fly polls or self paced test Yes Yes
Activities – activity driven assessments using preloaded templates Yes Yes
Quizzing - create in-class and self paced tests and capture results Yes Yes
Attendance, activity and quizzing/response tracking for each user Yes Yes
Web Integration
Access and conduct classes via web browser on any device Yes
Use Ormiboard Cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox to store boards Yes
Share-To-Class Full Roster Google Classroom Integration Yes
School & Classroom Integration
Ability to split panel into 2 or 4 views/sessions, enabling multi-touch activities Yes
Fast collaboration over local area network with any LAN-connected device Yes
Easy setup using Ormiboard Pro's network and server sensing wizard Yes